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    Banks, businesses and government offices were shuttered Wednesday as Lebanon marks one year since the horrific explosion at the port of Beirut.


    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faced mounting pressure Tuesday to resign, including from U.S. President Joe Biden and other onetime Democratic allies, after an investigation found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women and worked to retaliate against one of his accusers.

  3. 1332238375

    A Belarusian Olympic sprinter who had a public feud with officials from her team has boarded a plane to Vienna.

  4. Persian Gulf Tensions

    The British navy says the hijackers who boarded a vessel off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman have left the targeted ship, without elaborating.

  5. Ukraine Belarusian Activist

    A Belarusian activist living in exile in Ukraine was found hanged in a park near his home in Kyiv early on Tuesday, and Ukrainian police said they had launched a murder case.

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