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    A suicide bomber struck a crowded mosque inside a police compound in Pakistan on Monday, causing the roof to collapse and killing at least 59 people and wounding more than 150 others, officials said.

  3. Film Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson's 26-year-old nephew, Jaafar Jackson, will play the King of Pop in the planned biopic "Michael" to be directed by Antoine Fuqua.

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    One of two foreign men swept up in an avalanche in Japan while back-country skiing in the central prefecture of Nagano and found without vital signs on Monday was U.S. professional skier Kyle Smaine, according to an outdoor magazine.

  5. Costumed swimmers take on icy waters in German tradition

    Over 1,000 costumed people tackled chilly waters with temperatures of 3.5 C to attend the 52nd edition of the Danube winter swim in Neuburg, southern Germany. The event, which is back after a pandemic break, began in 1969 to test the readiness of the local water rescue service.

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